Summary Freebie

We are working on summaries!  The whole fourth grade is reading Green Mountain Hero, as part of our social studies curriculum.  It is a historical fiction text, which requires us to have rich conversations about context vocabulary and Vermont historical details.  As we work through the book, students are also learning how to synthesize the information from each chapter, into concise summaries.

We are using two strategies to do this.  First, we are using the traditional 5Ws (and an H).  Students read a chapter, then record: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.

Here is a freebie: two posters and several graphic organizers!

The second strategy is called a Summary Poem.  Students must choose and list 7-10 of the MOST important words from the chapter.  Then then WEAVE those words into sentences, trying to stay specific without retelling.    I will take some pictures of this strategy next week to post!