4 5 The Learning Lab: September 2013

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Giveaway Time!

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Math: Number Sense & Place Value

Our first unit in math is about Number Sense and Place Value.

Here are our learning targets:

  • I can read and write whole numbers up to 1,000,000 using numerals, words, and expanded notation.  4.NBT.2
  • I can compare two numbers using symbols to show the comparison.  4.NBT.2
  • I can use place value to round numbers up to 1,000,000 to any place.  4.NBT.

This is a great unit to use when introducing math journals (picts to come.)  I began with a pre-assessment.  Next, I used the anchor chart (above) to introduce the first learning target.  We discussed standard form, word  form, expanded form, and how to use a place value chart.  We discussed the periods of numbers and practice reading numbers from left to right.

 I laminated the charts (above) for student practice.
  I noticed many spelling issues, when writing numbers.  So, I created this class poster.  I also make small version for math journals.  We had a discussion about compound numbers twenty-one through ninety-nine (which I included on the math journal resource sheet).

 Here we are playing our first game: Reading and Writing Numbers.  Students used numeral cards (their choice of the total number of cards, from 3-7).  They created numbers, recorded, them in Standard Form, read them out loud, and wrote them out in words.
Click on the game sheet  or the cover page (below) for a link to the 
Number unit in my TPT store!  
It includes Reading and Writing Numbers (standard form, written form, expanded form, and place value charts.)

We've Been Busy!

I've taken a long break from my blog.  
During my time off, I've finished my master's degree, gotten things started in my classroom, and am pregnant!  
My husband and I are over-the-moon-happy.  I'm 16 weeks pregnant today!  So, I'm starting off a new school year with a new perspective: someone else is going to be teaching my students for part of the year.  Eek!  This means I'm going to remain organized and structured!

For starters...
I rearranged my classroom and weeded out many items I no longer need.


Following Responsive Classroom, we've done guided discoveries, begun sharing, played "getting-to-know-you" games, created our Hopes and Dreams, developed class rules, and decided on class jobs.  This year, I asked my students to develop their own class jobs:
 Students created a list during the first week.

 I rewrote the jobs, using alliteration (for fun and as a reinforcement skill).  Students decorated the cards and I laminated them onto a large poster paper.  I then cut open the top slit.  

 Popsicle sticks go in each pocket.  These get rotated weekly.  We created two blank pockets for any possible new students!
Here are our class jobs:  2 Classroom Cleaners, 2 Chair Chiefs, Notes & News, Morning Meeting Leader, Line Leader, Door Duty, Paper Passer, 2 Lunch Luggers, Phone Friend, 2 Book & Compost Buddies, Table Tender, and Substitute.

In writing, we've discussed the "Reasons People Write" and the "Topics People Write About".

 From the many specific topics, we created a more general topic list.

Students created topic lists in their journals and created a free-write, topic-based story.  We will use this piece again at the end of the year, to reflect on our writing growth.  In learning about the writing process, students created Biography Poems.  They planned their thinking on a graphic organizer, drafted, revised, edited and published these.
    Here they are during the peer conferencing/revising stage: