4 5 The Learning Lab: Our Pets

Our Pets

I have a black lab, Oscar.  When I went to see the litter, eight years ago, I fell immediately in love and knew instantly that I was going to bring little Oscar home.  He changed my life!  I was living in a small apartment by myself.  When I got Oscie (as I call him) I was forced to move, which led me to meeting my husband and us eventually buying our house.

Oscar is my inspiration for the Learning Lab--he is also quite famous with my students. :)

Mila is our 4 year old german shepherd (pronounced Meela.)  We call her Mimi or Birdie (she is VERY vocal!)   She brings us constant joy!
 Here is Ben (my husband) "looking" (AKA--love at first sight-ing).  Below, Mila with my wonderful Mother-in-law (she LOVES her grandparents!) :)