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Science Resources

Here are some of my favorite Science Resources!

This is a favorite unit of mine!  I love all things Ecosystem!!!  This is my bundle unit, with the three individual units below:
  The bundle includes: lessons and inquiry-based science activities, worksheets, vocabulary, assessments, and various science graphic organizers. 

Students will begin by identifying the difference between living and nonliving things. Next, they will explore food chains and food webs, focusing on the interdependence among species in an ecosystem. Finally, students will understand how producers, consumers, and decomposers work together to keep the energy flowing within an ecosystem. 

They will apply all they know about living things, food chains, food webs, and energy in a final assessment. 

Find included:
Lesson plan ideas/activities, following inquiry and the 5Es
Learning Targets to post in the room
Picture Sorts
Science Worksheets
Graphic Organizers
Posters and Visuals to post in the classroom
Journal writing prompts 
Journal investigation prompts
Vocabulary definitions, worksheets, and answer key
Sorting Cards/Concept Cards
Examples of student work
Directions on How to Make a Decomposition Column
Article “What is All That Rot?” 
Clip Art Images
Various Assessments (pre and post) and Assessment ideas
Modification and Extension ideas
Extra Copies--with or without frames

These are the individual parts of the bundle:

This is one of my newest additions, but something I've been working on for some time.  I love how the Next Generation Science Standards weave math intentionally into science!  This weather package includes data collection, bar graphs, and pictographs!

Learning about our largest organ can be so fun!  I created some unique inquiry activities that my students loved!  Check them out:

This was a new idea! I knew I wanted to make table tents for flexible seating.  So, I designed them with science in mind!!  These have a life cycle theme!