10 Classic Must-Haves for Your Classroom!

Are you a first year teacher?  Or, a seasoned teacher looking for new items to spice up your room?  Regardless of your experience, there are some standard classroom resources you'll want, to ensure you and your students are in the learning groove!

Check out my FAVORITE and most "necessary" items.  These are all items I use and love!  

Ten Must-Haves for Any Elementary Classroom:

Hopes and Dreams: Creating Student & Community Goals. First Six Weeks of School!

Looking for a way to build classroom community, start student goal-setting, AND decorate your classroom at the beginning of the school year?  Look no further! 

You can head confidently back to school, using these decorative bunting banner flags to help your students establish their Hopes and Dreams for the school year.

CVC Reading & Spelling Practice, Through Thematic Units! FREE Ocean Flash Cards

Have you noticed how hard it is to find phonics-based CVC thematic units, where the words are actually related to the topic?  

Learning how to write words, through thematic units.  Example, "Sun" while learning about the ocean.

When my son wanted to learn about ocean words, all of the beach word work packages online had unconnected words!  (For example: they had words like pin, wig, and fox.)  What?!!

Now, listen... I'm a teacher.  I get it!  Early readers and spellers need common vowels and patterns.  

Here's the thing, though... I like a good challenge!  So, I started a mission thinking, "If I am looking for word work using content-related words, maybe other teachers and parents are, too!"

Flexible Seating DIY, Teacher Hacks, and Tips for an Elementary Classroom!

No matter where you are, in the flexible seating journey, you can continue to evolve to create a space full of comfort and selection! 

Check out these ideas, to create alternative seating options for your classroom! 

P.S. I purchased ALL of these items while on a tight budget. You can, too! Check out this post for other money-saving tips.

You can buy small throw rugs for as low as $5 on stores like 5 and Below or Amazon
Tips : You can duct tape two throw rugs together to make a larger rug! 
Use Gorilla Tape for this... it's everything!! 😍

Two $5 throw rugs duct-taped together!  
Both of these are 3' X 5' making a 6' X 5' when put together!

A Basic Overview of Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Instruction: Low-Prep Activities Ages 2-5

It can be confusing to keep track of literary terms, especially when talking about emergent and developing readers.  Here is a simple overview, to get you started!

A Basic Overview of Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Instruction: Activities Ages 2-5

10 Children's Books Using Rhyme

10 Picture Books Using Rhyme

One of the best ways to develop an ear for rhyme is through stories, short poems, nursery rhymes, and songs read or sung aloud. While reading, notice and talk about patterns and make predictions.

Check out these books and grab a free printable of the list, down below!

10 Picture Books using Alliteration: Text Summaries Included!

10 Picture Books Using Alliteration

One of the best ways to develop an ear for alliteration is through stories read aloud. While reading, notice and talk about repetition of sounds. Example: Brown bear, brown bear... "What sound do these words start with?"

Check out these books and grab a free printable of the list, down below!

15 Must-Have Supplies New Teachers Need to Start a Classroom for Grades 3, 4, & 5

If you are a new teacher or are changing grade levels, you may be wondering what items you NEED to purchase, to start off the year.  

15 Must-Have Supplies New Teachers Need to Start a Classroom grades 3, 4, 5

Here is a list of fifteen necessities, to teach in an elementary classroom with a focus on third, fourth, or fifth grade students.

Check out my Amazon Wish List for "New Teacher--New Classroom" ideas!

Top 15 Supplies for Elementary Classrooms

Using Amazon's Echo Dot in the Classroom: "Alexa, I Need a Teaching Assistant!" (FREE Download)

"Alexa, set a timer for 5 minutes."   That's how easy it is.  For real.

When you are managing children, there are undoubtably times when you wish you had an extra set of hands.  Not to fear!  The Echo Dot is here!  

Let me tell you about how handy the Echo Dot can be for management tips, skill practice, and classroom fun! Did I mention it occasionally goes on sale for 50% off?! 😊   

The BEST Amazon Prime Day Deals for Teachers 2019!

If you are a teacher, Amazon Prime Day is a great opportunity to score HUGE deals on classroom supplies! Are you thinking about adding some flexible seating options to your space? Or, maybe you're thinking about taking on some DIY projects? Whatever your classroom needs are, this is a fantastic opportunity to get some bargains!

What is Prime Day

Amazon's Prime Day is a world-wide shopping event, where thousands of products are discounted. You can find deals on items from across a huge spectrum.