A New School Year!!!

It's been a wonderful start to the new school year for us. 
We have begun to explore the classroom, which has changed in many ways.  
We have been getting to know each other better.  Students have filled out an All About Me worksheet, which we will be sharing out during our WorkShare Time.  We are also creating puzzle pieces, representing us both as individuals and thinking about how we all fit together as a learning community.
Students have explored our math tools.  We will begin learning about math fact fluency next week.  Students will practice these skills every morning, at the start of the day.  We will also begin our first math unit on multiplication next week.  
In writing, students have explored the writing center.  We did a Think*Pair*Share activity to brainstorm all the reasons people write--our list was better than the poster Mrs. Colegrove had purchased! :)  Next, we will make topic lists and will begin learning about the writing process.
Students have all jumped right into reading as well!  Students explored the classroom library and they each began reading a book.  Many students have shared out about their books and have discussed who they would recommend their book to.  In doing so, there is a great deal of excitement about genres, authors, and series.  It's exciting to see such enthusiasm.  
I'm looking forward to next week.  We will begin to draft classroom rules based on our Hopes and Dreams for fourth grade.  We will think about what behaviors and expectations will best fit our needs as learners, and we will practice what these rules will look like, sound like, and feel like.  
It's going to be great year!

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