Teaching Inspiration

My ULTIMATE passion--Teaching

I began teaching full-time twelve years ago.  I have taught grades 3, 4, and 5.  Before that, I was a long-term substitute in a 2nd grade classroom, I was a para-educator in grades 1&2 multi-age, 4th, and kindergarten, and I was a substitute teacher at many schools. 

I did not always know I wanted to become a teacher.  It sort of found ME.  My sixth grade teacher, Iris Ferraro was my ultimate inspiration.  As an undergraduate student in college, I had the privilege of being matched back up with her for a class.  It was a true blessing in my life.  She made me feel so special and important when I was in sixth grade... and then she did it again when I was 19.  She also showed me how much I had to give to others.  As a semi-adult, I also realized how much need there was for caring teachers.  Mrs. Ferraro taught by example, and I strive every day to care about my students in the same way she cared about us. 

Becoming a teacher has been the most challenging, fulfilling, and inspiring work of my life.  Here I am, sitting with two amazing colleagues.  We are smiling as we lovingly watch our little third graders perform in their holiday concert. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me!  I hope I can provide a connection, inspiration, or support for you, in your educational journey! 

Stacey Colegrove

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